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We build tools and beautiful equity research experiences.

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Our Mission

At, our goal is to streamline equity research process for every stock investor. We help investors understand the fundamentals of any company/sector faster by presenting them critical data/ratios via a virtually friendly interface. We save analysts significant time with our contextualized search engine that helps them find any piece of information across millions of company filings, earning transcripts, analyst reports and laws and regulations files. We add powerful idea generations to the workflow that is beyond the capacity of stock screeners of professional terminals.

What we Do

We build equity research solution that saves investors from doing dirty work themselves. Our solution collects and interprets financial data that helps investors better understand the companies and the market.

Up-to-date Data

Stunning Charts

Powerful Search

Comparative Analysis

Fully Customizable

Friendly Support

A flexible and affordable equity research solution

We believe retail investors are underserved and need a reliable but affordable tool to gear up for their research endeavor. Professional investors are to some extent over-equipped and might need a clean and novel solution to simplify their workflow.


Besides raw fundamental data, we offer a variety of pre-calculated ratios to help investors understand the financial strength, business outcome and historical valuation of any company or sector. Comparative analysis and a fraud sensor are also built into our fundamental analysis package.

Document Search

Millions of company filings, earning transcripts, analyst reports and laws and regulations files are now at your fingertips. With our contextualized search engine, you will not miss any piece of information that matters.

Idea Generations

We do not simply re-invent a stock screener. Our idea generation tool utilizes a combination of parameters to help investors filter trading opportunities through fundamental changes, key events, sentiment changes and technical pattern matching among a coverage of 60,000+ companies.


A notebook designed for investors to manage their thoughts and findings throughout their research and share notes with team member and/or other investors with our collabration tool. Notes are encrypted and securely stored on the cloud that are accessible from anywhere.

Stay tuned about our launch

We will invite our subscribers to beta test our product once we are ready. Subscribers will automatically get 3-month free on our product when it is open to the public.

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